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Traffic Counting Tools & Services

Alliant Engineering, Inc.

“When we started off, we had to collect all our data in-person, on-site. We were really limited with what we could do, but using [Spack Solutions] equipment changed the game for us. Within 4 years, we’ve nearly quadrupled our traffic counting staff, and as a result, we’ve been able to get more jobs and more timely production dates as well.”

School Transportation Planning

Ephiphany Catholic School

“Everybody — parents, teachers, students, and administration — all believe that Spack was right there for us, taking care of all of our needs. Spack [Solutions] understands the needs of schools and they have compassion and passion for children and parents' safety.”

Traffic Counting Tools & Services

ETC Institute

“Christian came to us with the same concerns as a lot of other firms — new equipment and the learning curve. By using our two-week demo process and onboarding, he was able to get through that early before using it in real studies. Because of that, he was able to be successful from day one.”

Strategic Planning & Consulting 

Chet Skwarcan, TEI

“Chet started to build back up his firm after the recession and got overwhelmed and busy, unsure how he was going to get his projects done. That’s when he reached out to us. We’ve helped Chet expand his business into other fields, and with us as a backdrop, he’s been able to leverage his clients into other areas. ”


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