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In the 25 years that we’ve been in the traffic counting business, we have identified and developed the tools we needed to become more effective, efficient, and profitable. Now, we make these valuable tools available to other engineers and data contractors so they too can take their work to the next level.

complex Data Sets

Tools for complex data sets such as up to 7-Day Turning Movement Counts, Bike/Pedestrian Crossing Counts, Train Crossing Data, and more.



COUNTcam 2 is a rugged, easy-to-use traffic video recorder. This light-weight, portable device records up to 50 continuous hours of video on a single charge. Extend your record time with the addition of the 50 Hour Booster Pack (sold separately).

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Extend Recording 


Add up to an additional 50 hours of recording time to your COUNTcam 2 with a Booster Pack. These booster packs easily mount to a pole and can be hot-swapped in the field to keep your video recording longer.  ​

Stream Anywhere

COUNTpro Software + CountPad2:

Experience the industry-leading traffic counting software. It allows you to count video from any recording device at up to 20x speeds. The user-friendly software enables users to speed up and slow down videos while counting. The pause button allows you to complete the count while taking breaks or even heading home for the evening and resuming the next morning.

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We want you to ensure your data collection project goes smoothly which is why we offer the following services and products.



Replacement materials for a wide variety of counting tools, including top-grade EPDM rubber tubes, nails, hose clamps, mounting tape, extension poles, padlocks, etc. ​Schedule a consult call to inquire about placing an order for spare parts.


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Directional Point Data

Tools to help you determine directional point data including vehicle volumes, classification, speed, and more.



The wayCOUNT is a revolutionary 2 channel tube counter that collects time-stamped volume and speed data wirelessly using a Bluetooth app and cloud-based data storage. Weighing under 1 pound with tough, ABS housing ​a protective silicon boot makes them compact, portable, and durable.

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Small and Hassle Free

Armadillo Tracker Radar Traffic Counter

Armadillo Tracker is a fully integrated multi-lane bidirectional traffic statistics gathering device. Featuring small size and no-hassle field setup, it is the leading non-intrusive real-time and archiving statistics collector in the world. It's the worlds smallest radar-based stats collection box with target tracking, multi-lane, and bi-directional capabilities.

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Can be used to collect point data on busy roads, at slow-moving driveways, or bike/ped trails where tube counters just won't cut it. Extend your record time with the addition of the 50 Hour Booster Pack (sold separately). 

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Bring your data collection into the 21st century with counting tools that give you the most efficient transportation data around.

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